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Our end-to-end managed Partner recruitment service refines your recruitment strategy to gain high quality, compatible Partners. This consists of better prospect targeting, increased engagement, greater efficiency and an improved Partner experience. 

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Read our report about Partner Experience-led recruitment to learn about our approach to Partner recruitment. Find out about;

🔺Why traditional Partner recruitment needs to evolve

🔺What today's Partners are looking for in a new Vendor (clue, it's not always revenue)

🔺The building blocks of creating a rich Partner recruitment experience

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Sherpa's Process

Effective Partner recruitment is the first step in developing a Partner base which complements and matches your own objectives and criteria. Forresters, Jay McBain states:

""Millions of players are influencing our customers with potential co-innovation Partners, so recruitment is a BIG thing now." 2022

  • Discovery | Gain a clear understanding of the requirements of new Partners and how we measure success alongside ideal Partner profiling - size, type, specialisation and client base.      

  • Build | Create a compelling Partner-centric proposition and a microsite to bring the proposition to life. 

  • Manage| End-to-end managed Partner potential and performance criteria.

  • Reporting| Ongoing visualizations of the campaigns based on performance results and quarterly business reviews to gain insight into campaign execution. 

Vendors' offering has changed - so Partners need to change. 

5 reasons why you might need to rethink Partner recruitment 

  1. It's a competitive recruitment environment out there - does your internal team have the capacity to combat this?
  2. Your current Partners are not compatible with your future goals and objectives.
  3. You rely on organic recruitment - are you attracting the right types of Partners? 
  4. Your internal Channel Account team finds themselves distracted by current Partners and pipeline sales, meaning recruitment often falls to the bottom of the list. 
  5. You use telemarketing agencies but you aren't seeing the desired results and you have very low conversions rates. 

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