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Managed PRM Services

Get more from your partner relationship management platform 

Vendors have long struggled with getting the most out of their heavy PRM platform investments. All too often we hear about poor utilisation, lack of visibility, clunky processes and the big one; not seeing the promised delivery of ROI.

When it comes to PRM integration and optimisation, we've not only seen a whole host of engagement and activation challenges, we've partnered with Vendors to solve them.

For a decade, Sherpa has developed expertise in all of the channel space’s leading PRM platforms; from a deep understanding of the core features and values of each system to intricate knowledge on how to best integrate each solution within any channel tech stack.

Sherpa's managed PRM services

We partner with global tech Vendors to support with:

  • Data Integrity & Management
  • Through Channel Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Creative
  • Partner Advisory
  • Partner Enablement
  • Partner Marketing Effectiveness Analytics

If Partner engagement and activation is a key priority, get in touch. 

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The Year of Transformed Channel Relationships

Our shifting environments have further increased pressure to create cut-through with channel partners as a result of increased competitive activity among Vendors.

Equally, our new world leaves little opportunity for yesterday’s face-to-face mechanisms such as sales events, floor walks and hospitality.

To see success in the new era, Vendors have to embrace alternative digital means to influence Partner behaviour.

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