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Drive Channel Sales in a Digital-First World

Incentives, Communications and MDF Management in a Single Partner-Activating Platform

The SherpaPX Platform combines incentives, individually targeted comms and defined, data-led marketing campaigns to drive channel sales

Bringing these activities together onto one platform drives revenue at the point of sale by influencing sales behaviour.


Why PX?

  • Partner Experience (PX) directly impacts channel sales and increases partner loyalty
  • Partners transact with an average of 7 vendors daily.  Better experiences for those partners gives a competitive advantage
  • On average 17% of MDF or Incentive spend is inefficiently spent on over-complex or non ROI-driving partner activities


Sherpa PX

  • Integrated incentives, comms and marketing programmes for maximised bottom line impact
  • Personalised and targeted designed for increased adoption and engagement
  • Performance and ROI insight and visibility to make data-driven investment decisions

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PX Trends in Incentives & Communications

of sales reps more likely to sell more product with incentives attached
of tech vendors planning increased incentives budgets
< 33%
of partners read vendor comms on a regular basis
of Partner sales reps are more motivated by individual rewards

  • Powerful Incentives

    Influence sales behaviour in partner teams and partner sales reps through highly-targeted, incentive programmes delivered on a feature-packed platform

  • Co-marketing Managed

    Create a consistent MDF process which upskills partners' marketing and delivers complete ROI visibility.

  • Unified Communications

    Connect and engage through highly personalised and relevant communications, targeted at individuals but scaled across your ecosystem

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2021: The Year of Transformed Channel Relationships

Our shifting environments have further increased pressure to create cut-through with channel partners as a result of increased competitive activity among Vendors.

Equally, our new world leaves little opportunity for yesterday’s face-to-face mechanisms such as sales events, floor walks and hospitality.

To see success in the new era, Vendors have to embrace alternative digital means to influence Partner behaviour.

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