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Martech made easy

Martech made easy - free ebook

building a technology stack for exceptional ABM.


why you need this ebook...

Navigating a crowded market

Do you have a basic technology stack comprised of CRM and CMS tools? For more advanced needs, like ABM campaigns, these tools just aren’t sufficient...find out why.

The big integration headache

Picking the best platforms for your needs is harder than you might think, when numerous providers are promising the exact same benefits. Find out the key questions to ask Vendors.

Offering a helping hand

We see hundreds of MarTech platforms for both direct and channel marketing – and we’re encountering new ones every day. This puts us in the ideal position to aggregate intelligence on MarTech stacks.


“I can’t express how completely satisfied we are with this program, Sherpa and the early results! Sherpa has been amazing to work with.” - Walter Goodfield; EVP, RKL eSolutions | pilot programme Partner

To build a stack that really works, you need to get a lot of things right. The best way to overcome these obstacles is to not face them alone. 

Sherpa can help you.


free ebook

taking the guesswork out of your ABM MarTech Stack.