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The tech marketer's guide to channel marketing

Download your guide to help navigate the complex and competitive channel marketplace

The channel has always been an important route to market in the tech sector, but it’s under pressure like never before.

As the way technology products and services are delivered and sold changes, vendors have to cope with greater competition in a ruthless marketplace, where what you can provide to partners is all important.

We’ve worked with B2B Marketing to put together this guide to help you navigate this increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, and position your brand as the ideal collaborator.

Download your free 20-page copy now to learn:

  • Why the approaches to channel marketing are changing in the tech sector
  • The importance of working with channel partners in tech 
  • An overview of the different type of channel partners to work with
  • The skills needed by modern channel marketers
  • How to find the right channel partner mix for your business
  • How to manage the tensions between internal direct sales and channel partners
  • The metrics to help deliver return from your channel partners
  • Award-winning case studies from tech firms including Microsoft, Lenovo and Promethean