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what is account based marketing?

ABM — account-based marketing — simply means direct marketing to specific accounts and companies. To us though, it’s anything but simple. We use intent scoring, desirability and fit matrices to locate organisations who are already focused on finding a solution like yours. Then we build laser-targeted marketing campaigns that appeal directly to the pains and priorities of the decision makers at those organisations. The benefits are clear. Your Sales and Marketing teams work together in a customer-centric lead-nurturing process that accelerates the sales cycle. Your client finds a vendor that truly gets them, forming the foundation of a long-lasting commercial partnership.

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channel ABM

We blend sales and marketing skills and experience with partner expertise and product excellence to devise ABM programmes that bring positive results for vendors and partners alike. We’re channel experts, so you can trust us to manage the complex relationships between stakeholders on both sides, saving you time and leading to better revenues and better vendor/partner relationships.

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blended ABM

ABM usually fits in to three categories, however, a one-size-fits-all programme isn't always suitable. With blended ABM, we use a mix of ABM services to suit your campaign and put your brand in front of the key decision makers at companies who are currently in the market for a product like yours. Sherpa will develop the best ABM solution for you, your product and your prospects.

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ABM process

How do you get from ABM programme proposal to execution? Each programme is bespoke to you and your prospects, but there are keys steps and stages to every programme we run. Here, we guide you through the most important steps and explain how they differ from a traditional demand generation campaign.

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intent data

Intent data is a form of predictive analytics that measures an organisation’s likelihood of making a purchase, based on their web behaviour. We partner with intent data providers so we can help you choose which prospects should form part of your ABM approach to get the best results.

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5 key ABM success factors

Effective ABM isn’t just about choosing an agency with proven results and experience. You need the right internal systems, processes and even the right attitude to make ABM a success. Read our 5 Key Success Factors to find out if your organisation is a good fit. And if you aren’t quite ready, we’ll help you put processes in place to get you there.
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some of our clients

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what clients say...

“With Sherpa, I know I’m in safe hands. Their team speak our language and understand exactly what it is we’re trying to achieve. They are dedicated to getting the best results from each campaign. They offer tactical and strategic marketing advice and support and I know that no matter what I ask of them, they’ll be able to handle it.  The fact Sherpa could offer a complete inbound and paid traffic strategy across online, social and email was hugely beneficial to successfully raising the JT Subscriber Intelligence profile. Sherpa continuously produce fantastic work and I look forward to working with them again soon.”

Simon Foster

Senior Partner Manager - JT

"Exceptional technology marketers who understand EMEA wide marketing and technology demand generation."

Gemma Telford

EMEA Partner Marketing Manager - Palo Alto Networks

“We are extremely pleased with our new HubSpot website and marketing platform – designed and built by Sherpa. Our sales and marketing teams now have a single view of the customer in one system which has streamlined processes enormously. Since implementing HubSpot, Sherpa have created and managed a blended inbound and paid traffic campaign for us which has proved to be a success in generating a significant number of leads.”

Tracy Ridgley

Marketing Manager - Celerity

“Having the Sherpa team alongside us has allowed us to rapidly communicate product launches and updates, to bring our global network closer together and to push out our message to the IT world. Sherpa is aligned in our thinking and they work closely and efficiently with us to produce effective and clear MarCom assets. They are professional in everything they do, be it consultative support or producing high quality marketing assets.”

Karine Duval

Manager Communications - Avnet Integrated Solutions

"The Sherpa team are hugely experienced in developing channels & markets. Over the past 4 years, they have brought long & wide experience to the Talari Networks EMEA marketing & channel programme. We are growing at a very fast rate in the region and I am confident we have exactly the right marketing activities in place, being managed by Sherpa to ensure our ambitious growth plans are realised. We have recruited 25 new partners with Sherpa's help and created a sales pipeline in excess of $3m via their demand gen - the Sherpa team are key to our growth."

Jeff Zeichick

VP Sales EMEA - Talari Networks

“Sherpa understand the dynamics of channel and solutions marketing with experience of working with Vendors, Distribution and Partners. Bringing energy and creativity they are a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Sara Gemmell

EMEA Business Unit Director – Enterprise Infrastructure Azlan, part of the Tech Data Group

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Answer 5 questions and get your personalised ABM report.

ABM: The Paid Traffic Angle

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