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On Being Bold

Helen Stocker
by Helen Stocker - May 18, 2022

What does “Be Bold” mean to us?

Underneath each of our Values we have three statements that help describe what those values mean to us here at Sherpa and how we demonstrate these both within our teams, and externally to our clients.

  • We are not afraid to push the boundaries and challenge convention ... its what makes us stronger.
  • We are decisive and confident, we play to our strengths and acknowledge, and address, weaknesses.
  • We champion our clients' work, helping them solve their challenges by using our creativity and curiosity.

People may see being bold as taking risks. At Sherpa we have created an environment that allows our people to feel comfortable to be bold. We support ambitious activities that challenge the status quo and expand our service offering to become the world’s leading Channel agency. 

Boldness at Sherpa comes in many different forms - to provide a few examples we have observed over the past few weeks;

  • Employees stepping out of their comfort zone and taking on new projects making their roles their own 
  • Sherpa expansion into new markets with team members visiting new and prospective connections  
  • Being bold by searching for innovative ways to support our clients using new technology and processes 


Keep an eye out for more blogs coming soon in our ‘Values’ series. 


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