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Doing channel marketing how it’s always been done? That ain’t no strategy.

An IT channel marketing strategy that stands still is not so much dyed-in-the-wool as dying on its feet.

Times change. Today’s marketing strategies are all about the ROI. And they demand fresh skill sets like HubSpot Automation, SEO, PPC, Programmatic Marketing and more, to help make ROI not only achievable, but also measurable and optimisable.

But tools and technology will not deliver this on their own. Strategy also needs know-how, from experienced marketers who have worked your sector for many years and worked in all parts of the Technology channel.

And it needs knowledge transfer, to help your partners update to best practices, train and develop staff, and ditch the wooliness that makes marketing the sacrificial lamb every time your business fails to perform!

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Marketing Strategy – why our way makes most sense

Divorce your technology marketing strategy from your marketing people and they won’t know what they’re supposed to be delivering.

Bombard them with tools and technology and they’ll do the wrong things much more efficiently. RIP, ROI.

This is how many marketing agencies work. But not us. We sit down with you, your people, and our tools, to deliver:

  • Full marketing advisory services tailored specifically to IT companies and the vendors and partners they work with. (We don’t know about much else!)
  • Tailored strategy plans to fit your business culture and needs – because you don’t rule the world yet. (That comes later).
  • Flying lessons – Technology and tools can make your marketing soar! We strategically train your crew in the marketing automation and CRM stealth fighter that is HubSpot, through hands-on technical development and workshops.
  • Sales and marketing alignment – Our Account-Based Marketing strategies stop your Sales and Marketing teams wrestling over lead gen, and give them both a sales-enabling shot in the arm!
  • Brand positioning – We’ll help you understand where to get seen, when, and how, to build profile, articulate your USPs, and generate interest that your competitors can’t.

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