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data and insights.

A keystone of ABM is audience insight and data. Using intent data as a starting point for your ABM campaigns allows you to deliver bespoke marketing messages to those accounts at a time when individual decision makers are ready to act on them.

Bringing audience insight and engagement into the marketing and nurture process in Account based marketing needs a mix of experience, execution and ability to orchestrate an agile marketing campaign.

Sherpa has ready-to-go ABM platforms and we partner with the leading, global intent data providers and business intelligence platforms.

To find out more about how to source good data for an account based approach contact us.

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  • marketing & sales integration.

    Our tech-trained inside sales representatives take audience insight to assess opportunities in target accounts.

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  • managed account-based marketing.

    Using our ready-to-go platforms and team to implement the right ABM tactics at the right time. From pilot to full programme roll-out.

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  • ABM platforms.

    Make use of Sherpa-managed platforms, or integrate with existing platforms to leverage your MarTech investment for an account-based approach.

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June 8, 2022

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