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The turning point in Channel growth.

The potential scale of your Channel is both your biggest asset and biggest challenge. If your ambition is Channel growth, how do you obtain a clear overview, understand your current position, and plan effectively for the future?

Once you understand where your Channel is right now, you can make targeted investments in the areas that require change – and will deliver the biggest impact.

It’s time for something different: a practical model that helps you understand your Channel – and your next steps on the journey to maturity.



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Get your Channel maturity score in minutes.

Our free, no-obligation Channel Assessment Tool is a quick, accurate way to assess your Channel, identify any gaps and get tailored advice on your next steps. 

What you'll get:

  • Rate yourself against industry average across seven key areas
  • Pinpoint your current stage of Channel maturity
  • Identify your optimum strategy for growth
  • Start creating a strategic map for longer-term investment
  • See how to do more with similar resources
  • Get business buy-in for investment in change

Even if you’re confident about your Channel, it’s a useful way to make sure you’re not missing a single opportunity to grow. Have a go and see how you compare

Complete the Channel Transformation Assessment

joel_harrison_B2B headshot

“The Channel Transformation Model is a valuable addition to the canon of knowledge and insight around channel marketing - which remains widely under-recognised and appreciated in terms of its importance to B2B marketing. To the best of my knowledge this model is unique in providing a diagnostic tool to enable channel marketers to benchmark the effectiveness of their marketing, and consequently help them improve year-on-year. It provides practical, actionable strategies, and is well worth the investment in time. Well done Sherpa for building this useful tool for channel marketers.”
Joel Harrison, Editor-in-Chief of B2B Marketing


Why is this tool valuable to the Channel?

"I think this is a really exciting and valuable framework to have in the Channel space. It gives us a benchmark of where we fit in the channel landscape and the components required to deliver sustainable growth. It has certainly helped us identify short term wins to keep pace with our competitors today - and strategies for where we should invest for the future." 

Ashleigh Auld

Global Partner Marketing - Linnworks

How it works: Our Channel assessment tool will look at your Channel across seven key pillars.


The structure and strategy that underpins your Channel Marketing.


The skills and support that power your short and long-term success.


Your ability to grow a targeted, unified Partner network in every relevant market.


How you empower your Partners to reach more customers, create value and sell.


The tools and techniques you use to motivate, nurture and inspire a productive Channel.


How your Channel sustainably grows to support increasing market pressure and performance requirements.


Your ability to see and report on performance, informing your decision making and next steps.

Your results.

After your assessment, you’ll get a score that you can use to benchmark yourself against others in your industry.

You’ll also receive a full report on your current Channel maturity, so you can better understand your strengths, weaknesses and areas to focus upon.

Ready to plan the future of your Channel?

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