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Partner Marketing: strategies for unlocking growth

At its core, partner marketing is about forming strategic alliances to create a two-fold impact that goes beyond what each partner could achieve independently.
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What is Channel Marketing?

At its core, Channel Marketing refers to the process of reaching end consumers through indirect means, utilising various intermediaries or channels.
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Navigating the Art of Confident Partnership Decision-Making

The world of Partnership Ecosystems is dynamic and complex, and having the right insights at your fingertips can lead to remarkable success.
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Sherpa's Journey: 11 years in Channel and Partnership Marketing

Celebrating 11 years with Sherpa, we sat down with Tom, our Founder, to delve into the company's inspiring evolution.
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The lightbulb moment on-demand and key takeaways

In our webinar, three industry experts delved into the world of partner data, its challenges, and its incredible potential.
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Uncovering $70 Million Growth Opportunities with EdisonAI

In the ever-evolving landscape of Partnership Ecosystems, gaining a competitive edge demands data-driven insights and innovative solutions.
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Sherpas' Greensands Ridge Walk: Steps for FACES Bedford

Sherpas embarked on a purposeful journey on June 23rd. Their mission: to raise vital funds for FACES Bedford, a local charity dedicated to aiding families in need.
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How to Scale Demand Marketing with your Partners - 5 key takeaways

This blog summarizes the key takeaways from the masterclass with Impartner.
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State of Channel 23 - take-aways

You can see the full recording here but we wanted to summarize the key discussion points, if you didn’t have the time to dedicate to the recording (although it’s well worth the hour). Host: Jay McBain, Chief Analyst, Canalyst Panelists: Nick Otto, IBM: Kelly Sarabyn, Hubspot: Tom Perry, The Sherpa Group
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Plan your Partner landscape to help recession proof your Channel

We broached the topic of Partner evaluation -  as during turbulent times - tech Vendors are finding out that only with a collaborative and successful Partner mix, can you successfully plan and achieve growth. Joined by panellists from Zendesk and Comcast Business
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