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Our missing piece of the jigsaw.

Helen Stocker
by Helen Stocker - May 9, 2022



At Sherpa we recognise that every great culture needs values.

Why Values?
Company values are the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive your business. They reflect what you and your employees stand for, providing a sense of direction. Indeed, every decision your employees make should be aligned with the company values which was decided together. Value statements also help explain what the culture will feel like and are great in guiding potential talent in deciding to join your organisation.

However, as organisations evolve, so must the values. Sherpa’s former values were pulled together when the organisation was just a couple of people, and they worked for what was needed at that time. A few years on, with a much bigger team and different focus, they no longer resonated.
Our Approach 
Most people will have worked in organisations where the values are decided at the top and cascaded down. Often, not reflecting the reality of the actual culture. We decided that we wanted to truly involve our team and held a number of workshops to get to our new set of values.  
The first step was to get the team to brainstorm many words to identify those that reflected what Sherpa life was about, and how it felt to be a Sherpa employee. This was then refined by the team until three clear themes emerged. Once the themes had been agreed with the team, the focus moved to how they would be worded, leading to our shiny new values.
• People Matter
• We are Driven
• Be Bold
We then spent time considering the value statements and behaviours that sit under each value. We are really proud of our new values, and will be diving into each of these values over the next few weeks and discussing what these mean to the Sherpa team.
Tom Perry, CEO at Sherpa says about the new values; "Involving the whole Sherpa team in the development of our new values has been a great experience. It has challenged us to take a very good look at ourselves, the services we provide and our place in the world. The process has been detailed and involved but hugely worthwhile."

We now have a clear set of values with associated behaviours that the whole team are behind, and we are excited about sharing with the wider world.

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