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team values.

Tom Perry
by Tom Perry - January 11, 2019

team-2We made it. We got through the Christmas period and yes, there is going to be some hard graft to reduce the old body fat percentage, which is currently resting somewhere near that of a pork pie, but 2019 is looking promising and I am looking forward to the year ahead and what it has to bring. We have started the year well at Sherpa, welcoming four new team members into the fold and are already implementing our well-made plans for 2019 (we love to plan ahead!). In fact, with our financial year starting in October, we are well in to our FY19 plans.  

It has been great welcoming new faces and personalities in to the Sherpa team. With the ever-changing marketing landscape, it’s so important to not only keep the existing members skilled up but also bolster that skill set with fresh expertise.  

Our culture is important to us and I’ve written a few times about the strength of Sherpa being in our people - we are ‘A’ players and always bring our A game – this is reflected in our recruitment policy. We are extremely proud of the expertise we have to offer and Zoe, Luke, Lawrence and Katie are a perfect fit and a welcome addition. 

The continued growth of the team, does however mean that some of the team have moved desks four times in the past year…may sound disruptive, but with every new desk, you get a new neighbour. And with the astounding knowledge base in the Sherpa team, each staff member learns so much from each other. In fact, I would recommend shuffling desks more often – I have had reports from staff that with every move they feel more integrated in to the team and far more knowledgeable than ever before. New people, new desks and new projects are constantly changing the dynamic in our office, meaning we cannot stagnate. We are always learning, completely autonomous and I repeat…dynamic; which is translated in the work we do for our clients. We are dedicated to our own growth and in turn are fully committed to driving growth for our clients across customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction and ambassadorship. Scaling business is what we do best.

However, growth can’t be experienced without innovation. Gartner recently reported that one in every six marketing dollars is spent on innovation. It is so important to use tried and tested methods, but this will only take you so far. There are new platforms, tools and technologies being developed every day and it is critical to create a Martech stack which integrates seamlessly into your business needs. This can be a large investment and often a stretch too far for many businesses, which is the joy of using an agency. We are always trying new platforms and have access to many which would be out of budget for individual companies. We therefore advise firstly, whether a platform will be suitable for your marketing and will recommend alternative options to maximise your spend, and secondly, can give you affordable access to incredible Martech. We will always be honest and open with our clients and if the option they are thinking of is more expensive but won’t offer the ROI required, we will say. By trying out so may platforms, through trial and error, we are effectively making the mistakes for you. And we are not afraid to make mistakes if it means we are ahead of the curve, embracing innovation and always learning. 

The other aspect of growth is the landscape we are in. With new clients coming on board and interest in our services thriving, many agencies would be tempted to spread their presence across different verticals. We are technology experts. We stay where we are awesome – the tech space. I have mentioned in previous blogs, that the channel is a complex place and requires a very specific skillset to master; we happen to have that skillset and experience and make sure our team is made up of people who have sat where you sit and know the intricacies that come with marketing through the channel. We would rather focus on this specialist area and be experts than spread our wings and dilute our Impact.

In fact, that very much sums Sherpa up…we are technology experts -we stay where we are awesome, our team is made up of ‘A’ players only, we are dedicated to growth – our own and our clients, we are always learning and not afraid to make mistakes, we are honest and open and when you work with Sherpa you will not be blinded by sales jargon and hyperbole…with us there is not fluffy shit. 

We live and breathe these seven qualities – that is why they are our company values.

We will soon be launching a new team section of the website, so you can get to know us all better, but to read a little bite more about the culture at Sherpa in the meantime, check out this blog post.

For more information or to discuss how Sherpa can transform your marketing, please get in touch: 


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