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Now We Are 4 ........ Demand Generation & Beyond

Tom Perry
by Tom Perry - November 4, 2016

Now we are 4……..rech-stars.png

We’ve recently had our birthday, and at 4 we feel very grown up and on the path to creating a unique Demand Generation agency that lives & dies by the results we get our customers. Heady stuff indeed – but judging by our last quarter all in range!

Adding Specialism 

Sherpa Marketing recently acquired The IT Marketing Agency. An opportunity too good to be missed and one which has doubled our size and bought significant new resources to our team. 

What does that mean for our clients, old and new? Well - nothing and everything - the same top notch service remains uninterrupted on both sides. You won’t even notice… unless of course you want to grab some new goodies to ramp up your business.

Interested in a guaranteed positive marketing ROI? We thought so.

Same Great Menu

The IT Marketing Agency has built their reputation on delivering stellar tech marketing services.

The testimonies of their satisfied clients are proof enough. For years, they’ve nailed it on marketing strategy, campaign ideas, content marketing, digital marketing, inbound marketing and more.

As seasoned veterans serving global vendors, distributors and UK resellers, The IT Marketing Agency was a perfect match for Sherpa to acquire. We’re literally giddy with the new relationship.

Now With Special Sauce

None of The IT Marketing Agency’s quality and services has changed. Why tamper with excellence? Instead, Sherpa spices things up a bit.

With Sherpa, every one of The IT Marketing Agency’s clients now has full access to a HubSpot Gold Partner. We’ve also got spot on Zoho skills. Sherpa was built on demand generation and positive, provable marketing ROI - so come and get it.


Free Taste Testing

For The IT Marketing Agency’s current clients, we’re offering a free chat by the pool or fireside (or by phone or online chat) to get to know each other better. What are your goals? How can we help you to grow your business?

Remember, we’re all about outsourced marketing, inbound marketing, channel recruitment and marketing strategy. The bits where we overlap with The IT Marketing Agency only enrich your opportunities. Plus, a whole host of new benefits are wide open to you.

A new dawn of Demand Generation

 As a Hubspot Agency Partner, Sherpa connects you with the industry’s leading marketing automation platform. It’s inbound, SEO, website management, email automation, blogging and so much more.

We have taken the amazing functionality of Hubspot and now combined this with Programmatic Advertising buying to create a demand generation service that delivers significant results – beyond what most agencies can deliver.

 Ask us how – Come & Say Hello!

 Who Loves Us? 

Sherpa represents any business with a technical bent looking explosive growth.

Technology vendors, resellers, system integrators and tech distribution outfits swear by us. Why? Because we give them a way to measure their marketing results and set up a marketing budget that pays for itself. Did we really say that? Guess we’ll have to stick to it!

 Tea Time / Wine Time 

Why not stop by for tea? Or a beer? Whatever you like, even a quick phone conference or webinar. See if we might be able to take your business to new heights – Sherpa style.

 Want marketing with guaranteed results? Contact Sherpa Marketing or give us a call at 01234 964000.


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