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Sherpa launches new Channel Transformation Model

Tom Perry
by Tom Perry - March 20, 2020

Channel Transformation FrameworkLast week Sherpa launched the tech industry’s first ever Channel Transformation Model.

Comprised of both a Framework detailing the stages of Channel maturity and a diagnostic tool through which Channel organisations can assess their own Channel output and compare their score against the industry average, the Channel Transformation Model is a practical way for companies to understand their Channel and create a roadmap for growth. Aligned to the Sirius Decisions’ Channel Operations model, this Framework provides Vendors with an actionable strategy around which they can build a business case and safeguard investment.

Pascale_linkedinSherpa Director, Pascale Smith says: “the complexities of an organisation’s Channel can be hard to monitor and control, let alone improve and with many Vendors expressing issues with visibility and scale, we realised there was a requirement for a practical, understandable structure which enables companies to review and plan the future of their Channel. Whether a Vendor is confident in their performance or looking to optimise existing practices, this model can be implemented to give a clear view and allow strategic, impactful decisions to be made, whilst opportunities can be identified for optimisation and scale”.

tom_perrySherpa CEO, Tom Perry, states “Through a series of Channel focused events, research and discussions with Channel leaders, we realised that there was a significant requirement for a Channel maturity framework and a tool which would enable vendors to assess their Channel in key areas, from structure to engagement. We have worked hard over the past few years consolidating our position as the industry’s leading Channel Agency and have been quite forthright in our opinion that the Channel space is in desperate need of transformation. We are confident that the Channel Transformation Model provides a solution to this issue and has been well received by the Vendors who have scored their Channel using the tool.

During this current time of uncertainty, many organisations are looking to review their marketing operations and focus on strategy. The Channel Transformation Model will be invaluable to those looking to identify gaps in their Channel and create opportunities for optimisation and growth.”


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