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Creating top of funnel leads for Vendor distribution across channel Partners

The challenge

  • To create top-of-funnel leads for the Vendor to distribute across selected channel Partners by Tech Data

  • Campaign across Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock and Acrobat





  • Run under Tech Data's IT Solutions Advisor microsite (content library, landing pages, blogging) with Tech Data/ Vendor branding

  • Blended content marketing & paid traffic with targeted personas via data purchase

  • Cross-platform campaign including social updating across LinkedIn and Twitter

  • Data set retargeting to reinforce messaging at the beginning of the campaign at the top and middle of funnel

  • Audience profiling

  • Ad spend aligned to conversions for an additive effect on the number of conversions

  • Adobe end-user demand generation.

Key stats

Click-to-lead conversion
Email open rate
Social CTR


  • Eye-catching imagery for content marketing and social advertising

  • Warm list of engaged and targeted leads for distribution to Partners by Tech Data 

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Managed partner enablement ensures rapid time to cash for new partners, mobility & growth of current partners and high levels of end-customer satisfaction. Excellence in channel enablement requires thought.


Year-on-year you need more revenue from your channel eco-system. You need tactics that deliver: Channel ABM, syndicated demand generation, intent data campaigns, social selling with channel. All measured with microscopic diligence.