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Invenio + SAP

Targeting high-intent enterprise audiences through Partners

The challenge

Wishing to develop their marketing sophistication and leverage their key clients for 'referencability'.

Hoping to use their investment in intent data platform, Nexus by Cyance, Invenio engaged Sherpa to produce custom content targeting three clusters of audience in a one-to-few ABM approach.

They were hoping to run the ABM initiative with agency support in order to drive top of funnel engagement in the target audience and then provide full sales support during the engagement and movement of the audience through the sales cycle.


Key features

  • Personalised & targeted to intent clusters

  • Sales enablement and support content

  • Sales ABM dashboard with account intelligence

  • Multi-media campaign with video, downloads and webinars

  • Consistent hybrid value proposition



  • We set out to understand the Invenio proposition around servicing excellence and tech expertise in order to fully articulate the Invenio proposition along with the SAP product benefits.

  • The campaign focus was to drive contacts towards a live webinar and follow-up engagement with a combined and aligned sales and marketing effort.

  • The sales team needed material and collateral to use in their nurture engagement that was consistent with the marketing messages delivered at top of funnel.

  • Sherpa developed an end-to-end campaign sequence for each account cluster including sales touchpoints, remarketing, multiple content types and sales enablement content.

Through-funnel content

Top-of-funnel touchpoints included:

  • LinkedIn advertising
  • IP-based display advertising
  • Geo-targeted advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Content syndication

Post-engagement sales content was designed to be consistent with campaign material, easy-to-access and easy-to-share.

Sherpa developed sales “snippets” and pre-written email content and held weekly sales meetings to discuss account engagement and progression.


Account dashboard

Our account dashboard for the sales teams showed live campaign performance in real-time, measuring and tracking the performance of the campaign and showing data changes in intent, keyword focus of accounts, account prioritisation, firmographic information, tech stack, IT-spendability, LinkedIn engagement with campaign content and key contacts and social handles.

Webinar content based around intent signals provided the highest source of engagement from the target accounts.

Personas targeted were all Director level and above in companies with 10,000+ employees.


registered for webinar
downloaded eBook
watched webinar on-demand


"Sherpa quickly understood the challenges we were facing and worked closely with our team, providing an end-to-end solution. They created a bespoke account-based marketing campaign around which we were able to align our sales and marketing teams. By gaining account intelligence using Nexus’ Cyance platform, our sales team were able to prioritise and serve bespoke content to prospects."

Head of Marketing, Invenio

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Year-on-year you need more revenue from your channel eco-system. You need tactics that deliver: Channel ABM, syndicated demand generation, intent data campaigns, social selling with channel. All measured with microscopic diligence.


Measurement of partner activity is at best ad hoc and at worse, invisible. In order to drive true value from any type of partner, measurement and analysis must be real-time and accurate. Sherpa provides a full suite of platforms to enable complete reporting visibility.