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Oracle + Talari

Targeting systems integrators with Talari's SD-WAN offering

The challenge

Talari Networks is a vendor who was looking to launch and grow their SD-WAN solution offering in EMEA with a channel (via SIs) and direct route to market.

Sherpa was essentially responsible for the channel launch, recruitment and enablement and more recently, for the direct end-user marketing across EMEA.


Key features

  • 4+ Year Engagement

  • Fully integrated with Talari Networks’ marketing & sales team

  • Fully managed by Sherpa

  • Revenue, ROI and Attribution visibility globally

  • Agile sales enablement approach

Talari Picture4


  • Using account based marketing, paid social and paid search, we planned to target the audience towards a landing page and retarget non-converting audiences across social and display.

  • We delivered a fully integrated 12-week campaign designed to recruit and enable SI partners, targeting enterprise accounts and developing DMU opportunities.

  • Fully collaborative relationship between Talari’s Sales team and Sherpa-owned BDR resource, responsible for collecting, evaluating and nurturing leads within Marketo and Salesforce.

  • Delivering end-to-end visibility into revenue and revenue attribution

  • Suite of marketing engagement and sales-collateral produced in an agile way to best facilitate sales approaches

Key stats

conversion rate
LinkedIn first-touch conversion rate
InMail conversion rate
cost per conversion




"The Sherpa team are hugely experienced in developing channels & markets. Over the past 4 years, they have brought long & wide experience to the Talari Networks EMEA marketing & channel programme. We are growing at a very fast rate in the region and I am confident we have exactly the right marketing activities in place, being managed by Sherpa to ensure our ambitious growth plans are realised – the Sherpa team are key to our growth.”

Jeff Zeichick, Vice President Sales, EMEA, Talari Networks


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