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Sage + innov8

Helping Partners standout through micro-vertical campaigns

The challenge

Sage wanted to support Partners to develop brand awareness in target markets to drive customer demand and partner loyalty.

Their Partners often had the experience and specific solutions to meet vertical demand but not necessarily the resource or skills to articulate value propositions.

It was also important to Sage to provide Partners with flexible campaign support options such as data services and email marketing support to improve ROI and campaign execution.


Key features

  • Partner-led expertise and authentic voice

  • Broad range of downloadable, web, social, email, blog and video content

  • Strategic use of limited marketing resource to deliver positive ROI 

  • Content and best practice support deliver value beyond the reach of the campaign

  • Fully managed and supported by  Sherpa

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  • Channel strategy and content production
  • Partner discovery, questionnaire content audit and campaign ideation

  • Campaign approach developed from work IDC carried out citing that Partners who carve out and develop expertise are more likely to see success with their target audience

  • Creation of value proposition which brings together Partners’ expertise and market knowledge and Sage’s solution strengths

  • Delivery of campaign pack which the Oartner can easily take out to market

  • Campaign advisory on campaign execution best practice and additional campaign support options

Key stats

content pieces
customer engagement


A truly collaborative approach that brings together the Partners’ expertise and market knowledge and the Vendor’s solution strengths and benefits in a fully managed process to deliver a campaign pack which the Partner can easily take out to market.


Michael Armstrong, Media and Communications at innov8"Having worked with Sherpa to deliver a variety of campaign assets including social posts, video, case studies, website copy and more – what impressed me was not just the quality of the content but more their keenness to understand our business and product then bring this to life within the campaign. The process we went through was fully supported, with great advice along the way and as a business venturing to produce a wide range of campaign assets in a short period of time, this was ideal for us."

Michael Armstrong, Media and Communications, innov8


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Year-on-year you need more revenue from your channel ecosystem. You need tactics that deliver: channel ABM, syndicated demand generation, intent data campaigns and social selling within channel. All measured with microscopic diligence.


Today’s channel requires new coverage models, timely communications, advisory management and interaction. We manage Partner engagement programmes and activities that drive joint success.

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