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Piloting and scaling ABM through channel Partners

The challenge

Sage approached Sherpa to help them drive engagement with their Channel Partners and to deliver high-quality leads for their flagship product in multiple regions.

Channel Partners represent a vital route to market for Sage, delivering bespoke integration options and support that provide significant added value to customers. 

Sherpa designed a unique global programme to deliver ABM (Account-Based Marketing)  ‘through’ channel Partners.


Key deliverables

  • Increased marketing and sales skills in Partners by educating on ABM

  • Measurable pipeline revenue

  • Pilot roll-out to global two-year campaign with $16M projected revenue

  • To deliver an award-winning channel marketing initiative



The initial step was to design a programme pilot, aimed to motivate Sage Partners by providing access to:

  • Marketing technology and expertise to develop their skills
  • Vertically aligned, re-usable, bespoke content
  • Tactics to reach key decision-makers to deliver an engaged vertical pipeline
A three-month programme was piloted with four carefully selected Partners in the UK and the US. A top-to-bottom funnel, multi-tactic ABM campaign was designed to target key decision-makers driven by intent data. 

3-month pilot results

account > sales opportunity rate
sales qualified opportunities
pipeline revenue

Global ABM programme

Following the successful pilot, we have subsequently rolled out the ABM programme globally across 27 Partners – delivering a 1-2-many and 1-2-few campaign featuring multiple touchpoints.
The first year's programme saw 42 pieces of curated content created per Partner, utilising direct mail and inside sales support. By utilising platforms such as Discover Org, Bombora, Dun & Bradstreet and Kompass we overlaid intent data to the target audience list to identify surging accounts to follow-up on.
In year two we adapted to the changing environment and subsequent need for more interactive digital content. We also built on the lessons learned in year one to widen the audience, refine opportunity definitions and change the content structure to introduce Vendor-led content at top-of-funnel through to Partner-led nurture content at bottom-of-funnel.
The ABM programme continues to bring onboard new Partners and verticalised content, supporting pipeline generation and aiding sales opportunity qualification.


Key stats

partner programmes
opportunities delivered to date
region involvement (UK, US, Aus, S. Africa)


Through the continual running of the Sage Partner ABM programme, we have orchestrated across automation platforms to identify valuable sales opportunities for Partners, support sales nurture and deliver increased Vendor visibility of channel campaigns. 

Having increased the marketing skills within channel, the programme has delivered better engagement between Vendor and Partners, as well as improving the visibility of capabilities and availability of verticalised Vendor-led and Partner-led content.



"I was impressed with Sherpa’s agile and reactive approach across all elements of the programme. They worked with many internal stakeholders to deliver a valuable ABM programme in a sometimes challenging channel environment"

VP, Partner Marketing Worldwide, Sage Group


"This has easily been the most valuable marketing programme that I’ve ever participated in with Sage."

EVP Sales & Marketing, Sage Business Partner


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