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Partner Evaluation & Assessment


A comprehensive Partner Evaluation Assessment will allow a full visualization of your Partner ecosystem, the identification of investment & revenue potential by Partner, region and product. Sherpa will assess your whole Channel or parts thereof, and will deliver a comprehensive report and online tool to deliver the results.

Visualize Partner Ecosystem

Creates the ability to visualise the make-up of your channel partners to facilitate creating a case for channel investment and how to apply investment for incremental growth

  • Informed Decision-Making | Allows investment decisions to be based around data of sales performance and partner potential. Repeatable process to increase internal accountability and performance measurement

  • Identify Potential & Gaps | Enables easy identification of opportunities for incremental revenue growth and identification of gaps in the partner ecosystem prior to recruitment

  • Insightful Channel Measurement | Calibrated to Vendors’ overarching objectives, create a measurement framework which extends beyond tiering/ simple revenue metrics which impact ROI

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Sherpa's Process

Our Partner Impact Assessment process endeavours to understand the wider channel ecosystem objective and blends together data from across your Partner environment including: Sales CRM, PRM, Regional Account Team and Partner survey.

Sherpa process:

  • Align on Objectives | Formalize the functional objectives of Partners and determine value criteria        
  • Data & Calibration | Understand data sources and calibrate model to match value criteria
  • Analyze & Segment | Group Partners in segments according to potential and performance criteria
  • Plan & Execute | Use analysis to create recommendations and implementation plan
  • Optimize & Repeat | Repeat assessment every 6 months and optimize strategy based on results 


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Understand how to visualize Partner value and risk in modern Partner ecosystems to drive data-led Partner and program investment decisions:

  • Discusses emerging ecosystem segmentation models based on Partner purpose
  • Explains new model to segment Partners based on potential growth 
  • From data to action how to deliver ongoing results from assessing Partner value


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