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EdisonAI - the Partner Performance Platform

EdisonAI is the world's first AI-powered assessment and predictive modelling platform that delivers unparalleled insight into the Partner Ecosystem.

Using data-driven analysis, EdisonAI enables Partner teams to visualize, evaluate and measure their Ecosystem beyond simple revenue metrics to identify Partner potential, prioritize investment, and drive growth.

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Create a global view of your Partner Ecosystem
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Use data to inform Partner Investments
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Use predictive modelling to grow Partner revenues
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Identify potential & whitespace
EdisonAI Campaign Manager

EdisonAI Campaign Manager

The first Partner Marketing-focussed and AI-powered analytics platform to drive Partner-sourced revenue and ROI. 

We're helping Partnership leaders:

• Maximize Partner growth potential.
Tap into HUGE Marketing scale.
Drive ROI
Data-led visibility and decision making.

A Global view of your Partner Ecosystem

EdisonAI creates an interactive dashboard to explore all Partner data sources. It allows you to group based on Partner performance & Partner potential.

Index Score, a unique per-Partner score based on Channel data science.

• Partners are grouped by performance AND potential.

View strengths & weaknesses across the entire Ecosystem - vital for C-Suite decision-making on Partner strategy.

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The Partner Scorecard

EdisonAI is your co-pilot for Partner planning.

By aggregating data down to the Partner level, the platform provides a scorecard that means you can undertake planning with your Partners based on data.

Discuss areas of investment, MDF activities, enablement, and devise plans that are guaranteed to deliver growth.

Signal Insights shows Partner Relationship Attributes that drive success

Interrogates areas of your Partner program that are driving Partner performance and areas of weakness where engagement is lower.

• Partners are scored based on their interaction with 3 main areas, Partner Enablement, Marketing and Engagement.

• Data will show regional variation and tier variation across segments and guide action plans down to individual Partners.

• Drive changes to your Partner program elements to boost performance - no more guesswork or regional hunches!

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Partner Insights - Turn Data into Action

EdisonAI allows you to see unique Partner scores and performance within the Partner program. It visualizes elements of your  Program for which they are more or less engaged.

Utilise the data to create support plans for Partners individually.

Identify Focus Partners and Partners requiring more assistance.

• Match Partner potential and performance to investment & resource.

• Turn data into per-Partner account plans with clarity about areas needing additional support.

• Identify groups of Focus and Assist Partners based on their potential and performance.

Understand Share of Partner Wallet...

Quantify the potential revenue from your existing Partners and understand whether you have the right Partners to hit revenue targets.​

Understand the revenue growth potential by region or by individual Partner if you can maximize share of wallet​.

Quantify growth potential to feed into Partner Account plans​.

Understand which segments, markets of Partner type have the highest potential for revenue growth​.

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what clients say..

“The EdisonAI project delivered data visualizations so we could quickly understand a vast amount of in-depth information about our Partner Ecosystem. We have a great set of Partners; the assessment helps us understand our Partners' potential and where we need to spend our resources. The tool also enabled us to create a successful Partner profile so we can go and find more Partners like them.

We have also used this tool to identify who's missing in our Partner Ecosystem. The process has been valuable to us, and we now want to do the same in EMEA”.

Kerstin Demko, VP of Marketing, Brivo

Kerstin Demko

VP of Marketing | Brivo

  • Case Study: Revamping A Partner Program To Improve Support For Partners And Drive Greater Success

    Sherpa conducted a data-driven assessment of 92 of Brivo's focus Partners to gain insight into the potential of Brivo's Partner Ecosystem.


    We evaluated a total of 20+ attributes using a combination of system-based data, Partner surveys, and Account Manager surveys.

  • Use Case: Understanding The Characteristics Of The Most Successful Partners In A Matrixed Ecosystem

    The vendor’s Partner team were targeted with high growth objectives, for which they understood that they would need to recruit more Partners to fulfil their revenue objectives.


    With such a regionally-diverse Partner Business Management team, and very diverse partners, they were challenged to understand how to prioritise recruitment – and indeed what a successfully engaged partner looked like.

  • Use Case: Deriving A Single-Metric View Of Partner Engagement As A Predictor Of Revenue

    The vendor’s Partners engagement is directly related to their life time value and with a clear focus on growth of existing Partners and  over 30 different benefits Partners can interact with, the vendor had no singular view of what was driving Partner engagement and what were the activities driving value to Partners.

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