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Deriving a single-metric view of Partner engagement as a predictor of revenue

The vendor’s Partners engagement is directly related to their life time value and with a clear focus on growth of existing Partners and over 30 different benefits Partners can interact with, the vendor had no singular view of what was driving Partner engagement and what were the activities driving value to Partners.


Use Case

The Vendor is a global, multi-national $70bn+ annual revenue technology company.  The Partner Alliance describes the Partnership organisation with a focus on Partner Program elements such as recruitment, onboarding, enablement, marketing services and funding, digital communications and many other elements.


Partner Ecosystem

The Partner Alliance boasts over 20,000 active Partner members across over 11 Partner types.


Project Stakeholders

Engaged by the Global Channel Chief and Director of Partner Marketing.




Our Approach

Edison AI used multiple data streams together to create an engagement model which describes different segments of Partners.  The model created an overall engagement score, linked to Partner value and delivered the ability to see gaps in terms of Partner engagement

Edison AI assess the client's Partners on attributes of their commercial performance but also their engagement with the vendor.  Visualising and grouping Partners to help inform their program development.


Single-metric of Partner engagement built into the OKRs of the Partner Alliance staff members and leadership team

Clear actionable data to increase engagement across multiple program elements (more successful than a single tactic approach)

Deeper insight into the requirements and adoption of program by focus Partner types, service providers and Cloud-specific Partners to boost their participation and value

Support successful Partner recruitment & onboarding aligned to a Success Framework


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