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Campaign in a Box

Campaign in a Box material creates more leverage from marketing collateral and provides a quick route to market for Partners with lower marketing resource, newer Partners, high-potential Partners and multi-Vendor environments.

Which Campaign in a Box package? 

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Why Campaign in a Box? 

➡️ Get Partners to market faster 
With ready-to-go material and support which Partners can use, regardless of their marketing capability and resources.  Leverage existing material to create easy routes for Partners to create demand in their markets.

➡️ Deliver more ROI from Marketing & PRM  
Leverage marketing collateral and PRM technology to deliver more ROI through increased usage and Partner engagement.

➡️ Drive awareness & share of voice 
Deliver valuable content which allows Partners to more easily make space in their marketing calendars, understand how to engage audiences and sell the solutions.

➡️ Support which scales and adapts 
Engage with Partners at differing levels of capability and sophistication to ensure coverage but also consistency around product messaging in market.

Campaign in a Box packages

Find out more 

Sherpa Director, Pascale Smith would love to take some time to talk through with you how a Campaign in a Box approach could be beneficial for your marketing activities. 

You will gain an understanding how Campaign in a Box can provide a quicker route to market for new and high potential Partners.


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Key metrics

42 - 73%
Increase in Marketing ROI
Reduction in Partner marketing management tasks
Increase in Partner Participation

A repackaged Campaign in a Box - blog

Around ten years ago Campaign in a Box was what every Channel marketing team demanded, but Vendors quickly realized that pushing out content to Partners with little thoughts for their goals and objectives didn’t work and wasn’t the time-saving answer they had hoped for. Yet, in 2022 we are seeing a renewed interest in Campaign in a Box, with leading Vendors revisiting these tactics - but with substantial evolution. 


       Unboxing 'Campagin in a Box' - video 

          Pascale Smith, Director takes us through the 5 reasons why Vendors are returning to Campaign in a Box. 

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