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Partner Onboarding Programmes

Build on the momentum of partner recruitment with optimised onboarding 

After a successful Partner recruitment drive, the last thing technology Vendors need is to lose momentum just at the most crucial point; onboarding.

When it comes to Partner onboarding, we work with leading technology Vendors to develop and manage their Partner onboarding programmes. We optimise processes and because we are channel experts through and through, we take great care to communicate changes in a clear way to get Partners delivering value quickly, often in the first 90 days. 

Once we have secured you aligned and committed Partners, we engage and enable them to become transactional as quickly as possible. A huge indicator of future and continued success.

Partner Engagement Services

As a specialist channel agency, we partner with global tech Vendors to support Partner engagement initiatives including:

  • Partner Onboarding
  • Programme Management
  • Building Coverage Models
  • Maintaining Communications
  • Nurturing Partnerships

If partner engagement is a priority, we can help.

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2021: The Year of Transformed Channel Relationships

Our shifting environments have further increased pressure to create cut-through with channel partners as a result of increased competitive activity among Vendors.

Equally, our new world leaves little opportunity for yesterday’s face-to-face mechanisms such as sales events, floor walks and hospitality.

To see success in the new era, Vendors have to embrace alternative digital means to influence Partner behaviour.

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