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Joint value proposition

Creating a unique end-customer story about your Partnerships

Our Joint Value Proposition “better-together proposition” services takes out the guesswork; we have a consistent and scalable process to take a Partnership story and turn it into an engaging and compelling Marketing & Sales message.

What is a Joint Value Proposition (JVP)?

When a Vendor and partner work together to provide a solution to the end user, the value delivered is often greater than the sum of its parts. A joint value proposition clearly articulates this added value in the context of the partnership story. By drilling down into what combination of factors result in a stronger proposition, we can help partners craft a ‘better together’ message to take to market.

3. Joint-value-proposition

Why should you use join value propositions?

Create differentiation in the market for Partners by articulating how the Partnership uniquely solves end-customer challenges.

Use the JVP to inform  Partner marketing and sales collateral that convey the unique benefits of the partnership to customers and prospects.

Ensure Partners are positioning Vendor solutions appropriately and demonstrating the value of the partnership to end-customers on websites, social and in sales conversations

Increase sales effectiveness and Marketing ROI for Partner teams with compelling end-customer stories and proof points.

Engage key Partner stakeholders within the Partnership through the process of creating a Joint Proposition


^Example of our work with Verizon

Why Sherpa?

Sherpa brings a stack of best practice data, tactics, and digital marketing methodology straight into the marketing functions of the partners. Through our managed campaigns, we bring full line-of-sight into performance stats and results of partner marketing activity. As a fully-managed and operated service, partners feel more invested-in, more engaged, and more committed to successful partnership.

Customer Success

"We use the content to show where the added value lies in the co-operation between Verizon and Abakus. This gives our relationship a professional appearance which we could not have created alone."
Frank Oldenburg, CEO, AbakusTK (Verizon Partner)

Our Scalable, Robust Process

Creating a Joint Value Proposition is time-consuming and requires specialist knowledge.

Our Sherpa process allows you to tap into very experienced Partnership Messaging Specialists within a streamlined and scalable process across multiple Partners.

Our process:

1) Partner stakeholder onboarding

2) Completion of Partner differentiation questionnaire

3) Crafting Joint Value Proposition messaging framework to inform ongoing communication and collateral.

4) Creating Partner-branded, Partner-ready sales and marketing collateral for websites, campaigns, sales decks and socials

5) Usage guide for supporting Partners turning this activity into marketing and sales actions


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