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Channel Marketing Resources & Thought-Leadership

Future of Channel 2023 Report

Sherpa CEO Tom Perry's summarizes the Future of Channel webinar hosted by Jay McBain, Canalys and included panellists from IBM, Juniper Networks and Pure Storage.

State of Channel 2023 Report

Sherpa CEO Tom Perry's reflections of the State of Channel in 2022/23. This report discusses key themes discussed in our webinar hosted by Jay McBain, Canalys, Kelly Sarabyn, Hubspot, Nick Otto, IBM and Tom Perry, Sherpa.

State of Channel 2022 Report

Sherpa CEO Tom Perry's reflections of the State of Channel in 2021/22. This report discusses key themes that the Sherpa strategy & operational teams have identified amongst our client base of 40+ global technology vendors.

Assessing Value in Partner Ecosystems

Understand how to visualize Partner value and risk in modern Partner ecosystems to drive data-led Partner and program investment decisions. The report discusses emerging ecosystem segmentation models based on Partner purpose; Explains new model to segment Partners based on potential growth; Form data to action how to deliver ongoing results from assessing Partner value

Partner Experience-Led Recruitment Report

To deliver the experiences that today’s tech-savvy customers demand, Vendors need variance in their Partner ecosystems. But the old ways of Partner recruitment fall short in their support of this required diversity. It's time to shake up Partner recruitment by obsessing about their needs.

2021: The Year of Transformed Channel Relationships

Increased competitive activity among Vendors and reduced face-to-face interactions has further increased the pressure to create cut-through with channel Partners. To succeed in the new era, Vendors need to embrace alternative digital means to influence Partner behaviour.

Laser-Focused Channel Marketing Report

We’ve worked with B2B Marketing to put together this report on how tech Vendors and Partners can reap the benefits of a hyper-targeted approach to channel marketing.

Channel Transformation Framework

The potential scale of your Channel is both your biggest asset and biggest challenge. If your ambition is Channel growth, how do you obtain a clear overview, understand your current position, and plan effectively for the future?

Partner ABM: a guide to delivering ABM through Channel Partners.

Using our extensive experience in Partner Marketing, we have created this guide which explains some of the subtleties and distinctions which comes with marketing through the Channel.

5 Key ABM Success Factors

Effective ABM isn’t just about choosing an agency with proven results and experience. You need the right internal systems, processes and even the right attitude to make ABM a success. Read our 5 Key Success Factors to find out if your organisation is a good fit.

The Tech Marketer's Guide to Channel Marketing

We’ve worked with B2B Marketing to put together this guide to help you navigate this increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, and position your brand as the ideal collaborator.

The Case of the Broken Buyers Journey

Your Marketing efforts are dependent on knowing your prospects needs and the journey that they are on. Get greater insight into that journey here.

The human touch within marketing - 4 key things to keep in mind

Following on from our succesful e-book "The Case of The Broken Buyers Journey", we have identified four key priorities for your sales and marketing teams to consider to better support your prospects throughout their buying journey.

Shane Redding discusses Channel Marketing

We find out what Shane thinks about the Channel Ecosystem, the CX revolution and Channel Transformation. Watch all 3 videos here.

Brian Howe discusses Channel Transformation

We interview Brian Howe from Skynamo to discuss Channel Transformation and what it means for ISVs - watch all three videos here .

A diagnosis: sales & marketing misalignment.

Your prospects don’t see themselves as numbers and acronyms, so neither should you. Sales and marketing alignment is currently an industry-wide focus, but what is it that makes it so difficult to achieve? Find out more now.

What does positive transformation in Channel Marketing look like to a partner?

Find out what Marcus thinks have been the biggest channel developments and what partners need from their vendors and how he thinks the channel needs to transform over the next few years.

MarTech made easy

take the guesswork out of building your ABM MarTech Stack. Read some of our best advice in our eBook, MarTech Made Easy.

The State of Inbound 2018

The latest benchmark data on the changing marketing and sales landscape.

the death of MDF: reviving a broken system

Sherpa's golden rules on leveraging and maximising MDF through end-to-end marketing.

11 SEO myths

Let's improve your online strategy...This guide is going to point out all of the most common myths and assumptions about how SEO works and debunk them for you!

the essential abcs of inbound marketing

Learn about the essential abcs of your inbound marketing and how to make the most of them.

demand generation

Our demand generation blueprint

10 reasons your IT business needs outsourced marketing

Top tips on how to accelerate growth and get the most out of your marketing strategy.

the IT buyer's journey

What factors drive buyers forward? How do purchasing decisions evolve?

Podcast Episode 1: Channel Exploration with Ashleigh Auld

Episode 1: Sonatype. Taking an innovative view of developing and enabling channel partnerships.