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We sat down with some female Channel leaders who have built incredible careers within the industry, discussing everything from partnerships and places of work, to key pieces of advice for people entering the world of Channel.


  • Sophie Kramhøft

    Sophie Kramhøft, Partner Experience Director at Anaplan discusses mentorship, partnerships and the importance of positive role models. 

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  • Nina Babnik Klancar

    Nina Babnik Klancar at Loftware shares anecdotes of her exciting career in the Channel industry, providing insights into what she loves about her role and advice on how to succeed. 

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  • Nimsha Overton

    Nimisha Overton, Canon's EMEA Partner Programme Lead discusses what the future of Channel looks like, providing key pieces of advice around training, education, mentorship and setting goals. 

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  • Jackie Stone

    co-operation not competition

    Jackie Stone, Director of Partner Marketing at Sage enlightens us about the importance of having a co-operative mindset in channel leadership. 

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  • Emma Luba

    being bold 

    Emma Luba, IT Partner Marketing Director at Zscaler shares 3 key pieces of advice around having the confidence to burst out of the status quo and being bold to try new challenges. 

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  • Kate Daly

    Standing out

    Kate Daly, Senior Channel Marketing Manager at Masergy shares vital tips to become a stand-out thought-leader and using your personal perspective to your advantage. 

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  • Sarah Neese

    Sponsorship & Mentorship 

    Sarah Neese, Vice President and Head of Channels at Condeco shares advice and ideas around the distinction between mentors and sponsors for women in Channel. 

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  • Melina Vinci

    Company culture 

    Melina Vinci, Global Alliances Marketing at Microfocus shares personal experiences of how company cultures impacts your work experience. 

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  • Jayne Pickering

    Mental wellbeing and motivation

    Jayne Pickering, Global ISV Partner Marketing Manager at Sage explains her strategies for being ready for delivering her best at work and maintaining a positive mental wellbeing.

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  • Lacy Tozier

    Skills in Channel

    Lacy Tozier, Business Development Representative at Impartner discusses how working in the Channel has impacted her experience and that transferrable knowledge is so poignant across the Channel industry.

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  • Heather K. Margolis

    Using video to get a seat at the table


    Heather K. Margolis, SVP of Marketing at 360insights shares advice around how to best use video to raise your online profile, enabling women in Channel to get a seat at the table they deserve and work hard for. 

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  • Michelle Goodall

    Learning the meaning and importance of community 


    Michelle Goodall, CMO, Guild shares her experiences of learning the meaning and importance of community at an early age and how living and breathing community is vital to women in Channel. 

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  • Zenab Abbas

    How to get the best from your Partners  


    Zenab Abbas, Marketing Advisor specializing in Data centers and startups shares valuable advice about empowering your Channel Partners, measuring their performance, building strong relationships, and resolving conflicts.

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  • Marianne Nickenig

    You cannot fail 


    Marianne Nickenig, VP at Westcon-Comstor shares her advice for women entering the IT industry to ensure they cannot fail. 

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  • Lindsay A. Jensen

    Top 3 tips for success


    Lindsay Jensen, Sr. Director of Channel Strategy and Growth, Impartner shares her top 3 tips for successful partnerships as a woman.

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