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Sherpas' Greensands Ridge Walk: Steps for FACES Bedford

Thomas Harrison
by Thomas Harrison - August 24, 2023

The Sherpa team embarked on a purposeful journey on June 23rd. Their mission: to raise vital funds for FACES Bedford, a local charity dedicated to aiding families in need. This blog highlights the Sherpas' remarkable walk and the impactful work of FACES Bedford.

Sherpa's walk for FACES 

Picture a group of determined individuals setting out on a sunny morning, ready to conquer the Greensands Ridge. The Sherpa team aimed to raise £1,000 for FACES Bedford, a charity providing critical assistance to struggling families. Divided into two segments, the walk covered a total of 18.5 miles. The morning journey spanned 8.5 miles from Leighton Buzzard to Woburn, followed by a 10-mile stretch from Woburn to Ampthill in the afternoon.

FACES Bedford: guiding lights for families

Central to this endeavor is FACES Bedford, a volunteer-driven charity with a rich history in Bedford Borough since 1987. FACES offers unparalleled support to families facing stress and challenges, often finding it difficult to access mainstream services. The charity's tailored approach involves identifying family needs and aspirations, fostering safer and happier lives.


walk picture


A shared journey

As the sun set on the Greensands Ridge, it marked the culmination of a powerful day. The Sherpas' walk echoes the resilience FACES Bedford imparts to the families it supports. This collaborative effort reminds us that small steps, taken together, can yield remarkable transformations.


The Sherpas' Greensands Ridge walk and their partnership with FACES Bedford underscore the potential of collective kindness. In a world sometimes overshadowed by negativity, this alliance serves as an inspiring testament to the change achievable through determined action. It prompts us to embrace the role we can play in shaping a brighter future for all

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