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Measuring the immeasurable: Marketing alignment and skill with Partners

Pascale Smith
by Pascale Smith - April 29, 2024

In Partner marketing, accurately measuring Partner readiness for activation and enablement is crucial. At the core of successful Partner marketing lies the challenge of evaluating elements that are not directly quantifiable by traditional metrics. How aligned are your Partners with your market offerings? How competent are they in executing effective marketing strategies? These questions are vital, as they significantly impact the potential for generating revenue and achieving mutual growth.  

The EdisonAI Campaign Manager simplifies this task by clearly presenting data on Partner alignment and marketing skills. This AI-powered platform helps businesses move beyond guesswork to make informed decisions that drive success. 

Exploring Key Factors: Marketing Alignment and Marketing Skill 

  1. Marketing alignment: utilizing the groundbreaking capabilities of EdisonAI, this platform analyzes the digital footprint of your Partners against your own offerings. By leveraging generative AI and language processing technologies, EdisonAI provides a metric of alignment which indicates how well a Partner’s goals and capabilities complement your business objectives. This alignment score helps predict the success of joint marketing efforts and campaign synergies. 
  1. Marketing Skill: Another critical measure is the marketing acumen of your Partners. EdisonAI assesses this by analyzing your Partners' marketing endeavors. Understanding these capabilities ensures that the enablement resources you provide are both appropriate and adequately tailored, maximizing the chances of successful market penetration and revenue generation. 


Empowerment through EdisonAI Campaign Manager  

The EdisonAI Campaign Manager makes these insights easy to use with a user-friendly dashboard that allows marketing professionals to: 

  • Quantify and segment Partners based on their alignment and skills. 
  • Choose and execute the most effective campaigns for each Partner, maximizing ROI. 
  • Gain a comprehensive view of all Partners, which supports strategic decision-making and builds stronger, more profitable partnerships. 


Real-World Applications:  

Leading Partner Marketing programs are seeing significant benefits from starting their data journey with EdisonAI: 

  • They achieve clearer goals and expectations, which drives more ROI. 
  • They experience faster speed-to-market with Sherpa’s turnkey Partner marketing packages. 
  • They make smarter decisions by joining the right data with the right programs, tapping into untapped marketing potential. 



EdisonAI Campaign Manager makes measuring the critical aspects of Partner marketing straightforward, turning complex data into a strategic asset. By ensuring you can target the right Partners with the right campaigns at the right time, EdisonAI not only simplifies but also amplifies your marketing efforts. 

Ready to see how EdisonAI can enhance your Partner marketing strategy? Book a demo today and start making smarter, data-driven decisions that propel your partnerships forward. 


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