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Sherpa's Journey: 11 years in Channel and Partnership Marketing

Thomas Harrison
by Thomas Harrison - October 16, 2023

Celebrating 11 years with Sherpa, we sat down with Tom, our Founder, to delve into the company's inspiring evolution. In this blog we uncover the key milestones, pivotal achievements, and the driving force that have shaped Sherpa's success. We'll explore the transformative journey, share insights on overcoming challenges, and cast our gaze into the future of partnership marketing.

Milestones and Achievements

Inception and Early Services (2012-2015)
Sherpa's journey began in October 2012 as a marketing consultancy. Leveraging his extensive network of channel marketing contacts, Tom introduced fractional partner services in the early days. These services included a wide range of support for technology companies, marking the company's humble beginnings.

First Hire and Growth (2014-2017)
A significant turning point occurred within 18 months when Sherpa made its first hire, Carolyn, who joined as a Marketing Executive. Carolyn, who our Channel friends may recognise, has grown with Sherpa, transitioning from supporting our clients to driving Sherpa’s growth strategy.  

Strategic Acquisition (2017)
In the third year, Sherpa seized a game-changing opportunity by acquiring the IT Marketing Agency. The acquisition opened doors to renowned clients with whom Sherpa has maintained enduring partnerships.

Specialization in Partnership Marketing (2017)
The year 2017 marked a pivotal decision in Sherpa's trajectory to focus exclusively on Channel and Partnership work. This strategic shift demonstrated a dedicated commitment to becoming specialists in the field, capitalizing on existing expertise and relationships with tech firms and distributors.

Fast forward to 2023
Sherpa stands as a specialist Channel and Partnership agency, revered as a market leader within the industry. The company's journey continues to unfold, with international expansion underway. Sherpa is set to recruit its first team members in the United States, promising a bright and dynamic future for the company.

Pioneering thought leadership and agility in a changing landscape

Under Tom’s leadership, Sherpa has remained agile to establish itself as a dynamic agency within the Channel and Partnership space. Pioneering thought leadership and contributing to the industry with innovative events with global technology companies, as well as building market-leading products like EdionsAI. The company's commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and pushing boundaries is unwavering. In acknowledgment of the rapidly changing market and evolving ecosystem language, Sherpa emphasizes the importance of agility. Over the next five years, adaptability and responsiveness to industry changes will remain a focal point.

Putting people at the heart of Sherpa’s success:

Tom emphasized that an agency like Sherpa relies on its people as the lifeblood of the business. Learning to effectively recruit, manage, incentivize, and retain the right talent was pivotal. Processes were streamlined, and a culture of excellence was nurtured. The lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the need for adaptability and flexibility. Over time, Sherpa improved its approach to attract top-tier talent and provide an environment where they can thrive.

Values and Principles: fostering collaborative values:

Sherpa's journey to success is underpinned by core values and principles that prioritize collaboration, trust in the expertise of team members, and simplicity. Investment in people has been a cornerstone, ensuring high-quality standards for customers, clients, and staff. These values are driven by simplicity, as the most successful values are often the simplest. They resonate with the team and reflect the origin of Sherpa's values, which were generated by the staff. This inclusivity, from bottom to top, is crucial for fostering a culture of growth and development.

Aspirations for the Future: A Bold Vision

Sherpa's aspirations for continued growth and impact in the partnership marketing industry are audacious. The company desires to become the largest Channel Partnership agency globally, setting new industry standards.

A five-year plan focuses on investment, strategic growth, and team development, with the goal of achieving brand recognition that resonates daily. Deepening client relationships is paramount, with the aspiration to be recognized not by the competition but by the 1,000 companies identified as the primary target audience. Confidence in the future is fueled by a strong foundation of strategy, investment, team development, and an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence.


Sherpa's journey embodies the power of vision, resilience, and adaptability. As the company continues to scale new heights, its story serves as an inspiration in the ever-evolving partnership marketing landscape. Sherpa's commitment to growth, people, values, and excellence propels it into an exciting and promising future, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in its extraordinary story.

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