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Year in review and looking forward to 2024

Thomas Harrison
by Thomas Harrison - January 5, 2024

We caught up with our awesome team at Sherpa to dive into the highlights of 2023 and the contagious excitement building up for 2024. Join the buzz by checking out the video below:


What Sparked Joy at Sherpa:

From Allan's passion for impactful growth to Tracy's admiration for our amazing, caring crew, Sherpa's vibrant energy is contagious. Emaania thrives on our teamwork and thrilling projects, while Darnell finds joy in our friendly work community and the buzz during product launches. Osman? Well, he's all about the collective collaboration and buzz around the launch of EdisonAI and of course, Tom, can't contain his excitement about our team's development, talent investments, and the USA expansion. 

Proud Moments and Triumphs:

Tracy takes pride in enhancing staff benefits and contributing to ED&I initiatives, making life at Sherpa even better. Pascale emphasizes EdisonAI's role in measuring and proving value and the impact it will have on the industry. Osman recognizes the transformative impact Sherpa has on personal and professional growth, while Olivia feels accomplished in creating content that elevates clients' channel objectives. For Tom, the standout achievement of 2023? The game-changing impact of the EdisonAI launch on partner marketing, recruitment, and our overall channel performance.

What's on the Horizon for 2024:

Emaania is looking forward to agency growth and exciting new hires, and Thomas is eager to steer Sherpa toward more growth, helping clients drive even more ROI. Darnell can't wait to develop his skills and add value, Osman is excited about transformative projects and diverse client collaborations, while Olivia is all about delivering stellar projects and exploring the full potential of EdisonAI. As for Tom? He's downright thrilled about the investments in people, products, and go-to-market strategies propelling Sherpa's epic growth in 2024.

Sherpa in One Word:

Liftoff, Dynamic, Exciting, Momentum, Growth, Transformative, Evolutionary, Innovative.

Sherpa's 2023 journey was a whirlwind of growth, innovation, and excellence. As we head  into 2024, our focus remains on employee well-being, agency growth, and pioneering innovation.

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