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Competing for Partners' Attention in the Age of Attention Marketing

Thomas Harrison
by Thomas Harrison - February 7, 2024

In hard-fought markets where Partner programs vie for their place in the spotlight, carving out significant revenue-generating Partnerships can be the ultimate challenge. Spanning strategic alliances with other brands to integrations that amplify reach, enhance product offerings, and tap into new customer bases.

The question, then, is how do you craft strategies that distinguish your brand from competing programs to recruit new Partners and activate your existing relationships for success? This challenge lies at the heart of attention marketing—a strategy centered around creating impactful resonance with current and potential Partners.

In this article, we uncover innovative strategies to captivate Partner attention, focusing on tactics that foster deep engagement and trust. Join us as we reveal the power of demand generation and Joint Value Propositions that set the stage for meaningful and long-term Partnerships.

The Dynamic Shift in Partner Marketing

A 2022 survey of over 400 Partnership marketing professionals by Forrester Consulting reveals the strategic weight of Partnerships: an overwhelming 55% of respondents recognize them as a vital channel for revenue generation and growth.

The landscape of Partner marketing is rapidly evolving, shaped by technological advancements and changing market demands. This evolution brings to light the need for a more nuanced approach to evaluating Partners that extends beyond traditional revenue metrics to include the depth of engagement and potential for growth.

In keeping with this approach, insights from the ‘Future of Channel’ webinar - featuring experts from Canalys, IBM, Pure Storage, and Juniper Networks - provide a critical perspective: treating revenue as merely a historical indicator rather than a forecast of future success. The conversation highlighted the necessity of adopting broader metrics to measure Partner experience, which are essential for making informed investment decisions aimed at nurturing Partner growth. 

Jeffery Chancellor from Aristia Consulting illustrated the impact of this shift with the experience of Sage Partners, where strategic data access enabled a 150% surge in Partner revenue—a milestone they could have reached sooner with better insights. 

This example points to the vital need for evaluating Partners across various facets such as enablement, marketing, and engagement, calling for a move towards more data-driven strategies in Partner marketing.

The Power of JVP's

Partner marketing excels whenever there's a strong synergy between brands, leading to collaborations whose value is greater than the sum of its parts. This holistic synergy is about aligning visions and values to create a unified front that offers unique solutions to the end-user.

Elevating Joint Value Propositions and ABM Strategies

The essence of creating compelling Joint Value Propositions lies in highlighting the unique benefits that emerge from Partnerships. By combining offerings we create ‘better together’ positioning where everyone wins. Vendors and their Partners collaborate closely, aligning their propositions and offerings to address customer challenges and generate joint revenue. Customers reap the benefits of both solutions combined into one, exemplifying the 1+1=3 principle.

Leveraging Technology for Competitive Edge

Technology plays a pivotal role in creating revenue generating strategies in the competitive world of Partner marketing. EdisonAI is a prime example of this, embracing the power of AI to analyze and assess your Partners. EdisonAI uses predictive modeling to visualize, evaluate and measure your Ecosystem beyond simple metrics by reviewing 193 attributes, we can identify Partner potential, prioritize investment and drive growth. 

This level of analytical prowess empowers businesses to navigate the complex landscape of Partnerships with data-driven insights, uncovering on average, $70 million in growth opportunities within Partnership Ecosystems. It’s a technology that ensures decisions are backed by intelligence, not intuition.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Matthew Coughlan, Director of Channel, from GitLab provides a practical perspective on competing for Partner attention in today's market. He highlights the importance of being an appealing and cooperative vendor, focusing on a blend of technology and personalized relationships to build long-term trust. This approach is essential for vendors aiming to be seen as significant opportunities that drive both revenue and value.

The success story of Sage Partners, which realized a staggering $2.3 million in pipeline growth within just three months by harnessing data-driven insights, is a testament to the effectiveness of Partner assessments.. It showcases the potential of using advanced analytics to craft strategies that not only win Partner attention but also foster successful, revenue-generating long-term Partnerships.

Spotlight on Attention Marketing

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. African Proverb – Martha Goedert

It is a strategy that has rapidly grown in significance in our era of decreasing attention spans by focusing on capturing and engaging audience attention in non-invasive ways. Coined by Steve Jelley and brought into the mainstream by Seth Godin, attention marketing moves away from traditional, disruptive advertising tactics like pop-up ads, opting instead for engagement through social media and other platforms where content can be tailored and personalized.

The transition to attention marketing represents a fundamental shift in how we approach the market. The cluttered digital space, where consumers are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages daily, has made it increasingly difficult for brands to stand out. The principles of attention marketing offer a pathway to cut through this noise. 

By crafting Joint Value Propositions that merge both Vendor and Partner value propositions, brands can develop a compelling, unified message that presents a solution to their customers. This includes compelling content and messaging that resonates, drawing both customers and Partners into a narrative that fosters a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Attention marketing, therefore, is pivotal for enhancing Partner relationships. It encourages brands to think creatively about how they can use content to showcase their unique value proposition to potential Partners - highlighting how together they can achieve more than they could alone. This approach aligns perfectly with the need for a more nuanced evaluation of Partnerships, emphasizing the importance of engagement, trust, and shared goals in building successful collaborations.

Navigating the Future of Partner Marketing

Our exploration of the dynamic shifts and strategic insights of AI powered Partner marketing in the attention economy makes it clear that the future hinges on innovation, synergy, and deep engagement. The path forward for brands looking to stand out and foster successful Partnerships, lies in embracing technological advancements and successful frameworks. 

We encourage you to dive deeper into these concepts and discover how to revolutionize your Partner marketing. For more information, download our comprehensive blueprint, ‘Data-driven Partner Marketing’, where we explore critical aspects such as measuring Partners beyond revenue, leveraging data for confident decision-making, harnessing the power of Partner synergy, and unlocking the potential of Partners through effective Partner Marketing.

Embark on the journey to transform your approach to capture attention and cultivate long-term value Partnerships that drive significant growth and success. Learn more about EdisonAI - the world’s first AI-powered assessment and predictive modeling platform today!

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